Hello, my name is Stephanie Weil. I am a multimedia digital artist and beauty vlogger on YouTube. 

You could say I'm a mix of many things, but what all my hobbies have in common is my enthusiasm and dedication. I've been interested in photography since the fifth grade and have blossomed in the arts ever since. I have been fortunate enough to build my skillet as early as high school, attending a performing arts school and majoring in digital media. This has allowed me to practice graphic design and video production as well as photography.

Aside from photography, as I mentioned, I make YouTube videos on beauty tips, makeup tutorials, advice, and much more! This gives me an opportunity to get on another level with my clients and subscribers.

My goal is to show people the beauty in themselves and the world around them, and use art as a creative yet strategic tool to tell a story in a compelling and innovative way. I love to capture moments in time that will not only last forever, but keep people engaged and curious about their surroundings. So stay curious, and let's stay connected together.

Send me an email and say hello!