Jersey Jams & Summer Tans

Hello Internet! It has been a hot minute since I have posted on this blog... So hey, what's up, hello!

Last week I got the chance to visit the wonderful state of New Jersey (also made a pit stop in NYC, so some of the photos are from there). The only other time I went was when I was in the beginning of high school, when I drove up from Florida to Boston with my sister; we ended up staying the night in Atlantic City and spent the following day in Seaside Heights (At the time I was shamefully obsessed with The Jersey Shore). At the time, I thought the Seaside Boardwalk was the coolest place and that I was super cool having seen it... Little did I know it was the "trashy" part of Jersey (said all of my friends who are from Jersey), making me assume that all of Jersey looked this way...

This visit, however, totally changed my view on the so called "garden state". I got to see the B-E-A-U-TIFUL town of Marlboro, where I was mesmerized by the luscious foliage and the smell of summertime lingering in the air. The most documented adventure was of Point Pleasant, a boardwalk that is much cleaner than the infamous Seaside Heights one. Aside from being exposed to the scenery, I got to meet so many amazing people and create some strong bonds, which could possibly blossom into beautiful relationships!

Basically, I wanted to share my experience on here and give you all a taste of what my summer is consisting of so far... PS I have a lot of exciting plans for the summer that I want you all to be a part of, so make sure to stay tuned! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and hope to talk soon xo.