Falling in Love with Medium Format Film // New Work

Happy New Year Internet!

The new year is all about reflecting upon ourselves and looking back on things we have accomplished in the previous year. 2015 introduced me to medium format film, where I fell in love with my Pentax 645 camera. There truly isn't anything like learning how to get a great shot in 16 frames, developing your own film, and making perfect prints in the darkroom; it's probably one of the most fulfilling feelings.

Towards the end of the semester, I started scanning in my film so I could post it on this blog for any of you who were interested in my most recent works. Weeks later, it's finally here! It's been a crazy few months, and after accidentally deleting most of the files I scanned, I created a little bushel of photos for you all to see! 

I suppose I'll try and talk you through my thought process while I was photographing. After many weeks of research and discovering new photographers, I found one that really stuck out: Gordon Parks. He photographed during times of segregation and photographed other social issues that were happening during his time, I would highly recommend you look up his work to understand what I'm talking about, you won't be disappointed! One of my assignments was to emulate his work, style, etc.

I chose to photograph people in Times Square shortly after the Paris attacks. I have to be honest and say that it was a bit intimidating photographing in the middle of New York while they were getting threats from ISIS. Going in with an open mind, I was able to capture just some of the many people/personalities in the Big Apple. Here are some of my observations...